Wakol MS 230 Wood Flooring Adhesive, flexible

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Flexible, premium, single component adhesive for the interior installation of 3/4″ solid wood strips as well as planks up to 4″ wide of North American species and engineered wood flooring with no limitations. Can also be used as all in one system moisture barrier and sound proofing with WAKOL B5 All in one blade. Moisture rating up to 12 lbs, 90%rH. Sound proofing: ASTM E 492 IIC up to 73, ASTM E90 up to 67.

Special Features:

•Very low emissions

•Zero VOC

•Easy to spread

•Easy to clean

•Will not etch prefinished surfaces

•Can be used directly over WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier


VOC content:   0g/l US regulatory

Cleaning agent:   WAKOL RT 5960 Cleaning Towels before adhesive is cured.

Open time:   None, no waiting required

Working time:   Approx. 40 minutes

Trowels and coverage:   Solid wood strip trowel WAKOL B5 up to 65 sg ft/gal. solid wood planks up to 4 inches wide trowel WAKOL B5 up to 65 sq ft/gal, engineered wood< 1/2″ thick (up to 2,5′)  WAKOL B3 up to 80 sq ft / gal, engineered wood < 1/2″ thick (up to 2,5′) WAKOL B5 up to 65 sq ft/gal. WAKOL B5 All in one blade coverage up to 35 sq ft/gal. Adhesive                                                  transfer to wood floor backing min. 90%

Climate conditions at work site:   60 degrees F/15 degrees C to 75 degrees F/24 degrees C, 40% to 65% relative humidity

Curing time:   Curing takes approx: 24 hours depending on room climate on job site.

Shelf life:   1 year in unopened container at 70 degrees F/23 degrees C, freeze thaw stable


Packing 2.5 Gal   20.28 US.fl.oz

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Weight 55 oz