Green Wood Finishing

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Loba Waterborne finishing systems help create a low-emission environment for healthy living and contribute to sustainable environmental protection. All Loba products comply with the most stringent environmental guidelines in the world and are tested regularly for safety and environmental compatibility. Loba products are VOC compliant in all states.

Contains no N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (the chemical linked to cancer that other popular brands still use)… Read More.

Efficient Wood Finishing

Loba finishing systems offer easy and reliable application processes for trained professionals. Thanks to fast drying and quick curing the newly finished floor can be returned to normal use without long waiting periods.

Dust-free Recoating

The LOBADUR® WS 2K dust-free recoating system was developed with global leaders of UV cure finishing technology. It is successfully tested on over 100 brands of UV finishes. If a new floor shows scratches from initial installation or an old floor shows wear marks, THIS IS THE SOLUTION.


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